When everything is available on the internet these days, many people visit craps online casinos. Craps are historically performed on a special table with high sides and a special marking on the canvas that shows the cells for the wagers. The most important element of the game is a pair of dice (bones) with engraved points between 1 and 6. The app shows all the important elements with their graphics. Like many other slots, this online casino also offers bonus and free spins slots.

The history

Playing craps became popular two and a half thousand years ago, but a more modern version of the game did not appear in England until a few hundred years ago. It was brought to North America almost immediately. The French version was named Craps. John Wynn later changed the markup and introduced several new rules that took the betting bola online game to not only the street courtyards but also the casino. And now they are successfully conquering the craps online casinos.

Rules and features of the game

Only the most ardent fan of craps online casinos can retell the variations of a slot. However, there can be no other strategy than a risky one. A dealer takes part in the game (there are two of them in large land-based casinos) and several players throw one after the other. You always play with two bones that the player throws at the same time and always holds in one hand. The arrow is won by the number of dice 7 and 11 (after winning the player receives the right to roll another dice). At the same time, 12, 2 and 3 bring the player an instant defeat. Numbers 4 through 9 carry the game over to the Point stage where the shooter throws the dice, until the pre-determined number (in which case he wins) or 7 (in which case he loses) is reached. The deposit bonus varies depending on the slot and licensed casino.

Craps online casinos betting

You can only apply some strategies when you are actually playing (not in the online free casino game mode). Before you start learning the various craps betting systems, you need to find the time to learn all of the game’s moves and exits. All you can really count is the deposit bonus and the free spins bonus.

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