You’ve worked hard to build a personal relationship with your audience. Shouldn't you expect the same commitment from the partners you work with?
Relationships mean everything here. That’s why our team of professionals strive for exceptional customer service with every partner, every advertiser. Whether you’re a brand looking to reach new customers or a creator with a story to tell, we’ll help get you heard. #letscabana

Warren Banholzer

VP, Business Development

Dave Boretti

VP, Midwest Sales

Donelle Brown

VP, Marketing & Client Solutions

Anna Chechelnitski


Cathy Csukas


Frank DeSantis

Senior VP, Business Development

Annie Hunt

Director, Marketing Solutions

Emma Kocjancic

Digital Ops Coordinator

Rebecca Lam

Senior Manager, Digital Ad Ops

Ilwira Marciszek

VP, Digital Sales & Partnerships

Alexa Marulli

Junior Account Executive

Jackie Montagna

VP, Eastern Region Sales

Mara Montes

Senior Sales Administrator

Gary Schonfeld


Leslie Sturm

VP, Eastern Region Sales

Balint Toth

Staff Accountant

Don Wachsmith

Chief Revenue Officer