Engage Trendsetters With Podcast Ads

Hey, fashion brands…podcasts look good on you.

Photo by: Porechenskaya

Could an audio advertising platform perform for a brand that heavily relies on visuals to sell its product? Yes, and we have the receipts.

Podcasting has exploded over the past few years and the fashion industry has taken note. Ad spend among Apparel/Fashion brands has more than tripled since 2018 and the retail category has also steadily grown, according to Magellan AI data.

Investing in podcasts is paying off. The influential power of the personality and the engaging content environment is making highly visual fashion brands and retailers rethink audio.

In a study from NCSolutions, 42% of listeners have purchased a product featured in a podcast. That figure goes up to 68% for the group NCS defines as ‘power subscribers.’ 

What are they buying? 46% are buying clothing, 35% are spending on beauty and grooming, and 31% are buying health and wellness products. This is good news for major retailers with multiple product lines to promote.

To go deeper into how podcast campaigns are turning listeners into customers, we dug into attribution data from Podsights for this trending advertiser category. 

Looking at completed AdLarge campaigns using the Podsights pixel, conversion rates (CR) in the retail DTC category outperformed industry benchmarks (CR representing here attributed households who visited a website). The average CR for AdLarge campaigns in the category was 4.53%, more than twice the Podsights industry average of CR 1.8%. 

When compared to running no advertising at all, podcast ads delivered an average purchase lift of 84% for fashion brands. For completed AdLarge campaigns, the average lift goes up to 143%. DTC retailers saw an even greater lift for purchase events – 213% for AdLarge campaigns, more than three times the Podsights benchmark average of 61%.

What can fashion-forward brands take away from this? Younger and more likely to have disposable income, the podcast listener is all ears when they hear from their favorite apparel brands. From indie fashion brands to major retail chains, podcasts are a powerful advertising vehicle, especially when the host is the one endorsing them. After all, who doesn’t want to dress like their favorite podcaster?

If your brand speaks to the trendsetting podcast listener, we got you covered. With over 150 titles across trending genres such as true crime, female lifestyle, and comedy, there’s a captive audience that’s ready to find their next favorite fit.
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