Podcast Advertising is Missing From Your Media Mix

Planning for 2022? Listen up!

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In Q2 of 2021, over 2,400 new brands ran ads on podcasts for the first time. That’s up 55% from Q1, according to the podcast media planning platform Magellan AI. That’s impressive for an advertising channel that is rapidly changing and comes with a steep learning curve. What exactly is piquing the curiosity of so many marketers?  

While podcasting has been around for almost two decades, renewed investor interest, the excitement of fresh content opportunities, and the fact that we can prove the ads work have helped make the case for many once skeptical brands. 

Once ruled by DTC and DR-based campaigns, podcasts’ top spenders now include the Insurance, Auto, and Entertainment categories. So what are you waiting for?

Regardless of what your current strategy entails, podcasts are an effective addition to any marketing mix.

Traditional media loyalists → 

Reach an incremental audience that is less likely to engage with traditional media. Plus, this untapped audience is like no other. Naturally curious, podcast listeners discover new brands through host endorsements.

Digital display and video die-hards → 

A new format means a new creative opportunity. Treating podcasting as a unique marketing channel is a chance to shake up brand messaging and creative. With the growing importance of sonic branding and audio’s positive effect on recall and memory, now’s the time to invest in cultivating a distinct ‘sound’.

Social (media) butterflies → 

If you’re not advertising on podcasts, you’re missing out on an opportunity to reinforce your messaging. The chances are high that your socially savvy audience is also engaging with a podcast or two. We expect that venn diagram to close even more as social audio continues to take off. Podcast listeners are also more likely to engage with brands on social media.

As we mentioned, successfully navigating the podcast ad landscape comes with a steep learning curve. After all, podcasting is quite different from other media channels. While every campaign is different, here are a few things to consider when mapping out your strategy for 2022 as the landscape becomes more competitive.

  • Frequency, or how many times your ad has been heard by one household. Data from the Podsights latest Benchmark Report indicates that average frequency is on the rise. Diversify your podcast portfolio to avoid over-targeting an audience. 
  • Establish your campaign share of voice. SOV can be calculated either based on the number of ad placements or by available impressions.
  • Cadence and finding the right rhythm depend on campaign goals. Branding? Take an ‘always on’ approach to establish trust and stay top of mind. Offer-driven? Flight around promotional events with brief breaks in-between.

Got questions about podcast advertising? We’d love to help! With decades of experience in all things audio, we can guide you on everything from finding the best content fit to navigating ad tech tools like attribution.

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