Host Reads, Meet Targeting

The podcast ad campaign staple levels up.


Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash


Can an ad unit possess superpowers? The podcast host read can.  

Since podcasting blew up in 2014, the host read has perfected its power to inspire action. Nielsen reports a 50% lift in purchase and recommendation intent on average for host-read ads versus non-host-read ads. 

Even as podcasting opens up to more types of advertisers and different ad formats, the host read remains the most premium way to build trust and engagement for your brand. The advertiser gets to tap the influence and authenticity of the host, while the listener gets a personal recommendation on relevant products and services.

But even superheroes have their kryptonite… 

Baked into the episode, the host read as we knew it was opaque with little insights and no ability to target beyond the genre of the show being bought. But that’s rapidly changing. 

Introducing the host read, only better.

For advertisers who love host reads, but need more access to data, the best of both worlds are here. Advertisers can now take advantage of the already powerful host read combined with the supercharged benefits of audience targeting. How? 

With segment targeting from Nielsen powered by Megaphone dynamic ad insertion – a new feature we’ve added to our growing toolbox of ad tech capabilities. 

Target your campaigns based on 60,000 audience segments that drill down into interest, purchase behavior, and demographics. ‘Dynamic audience targeting’ allows advertisers to efficiently reach their desired target no matter when and where they are listening. 

For more about the power of audience-based buys, check out last month’s post

Here’s how it works.

Pick your target to align with the right content environment and message execution. For example, parents with children under the age of 12 and a household income of over $100,000 or city-dwelling women with a graduate degree and an interest in tech. 

Dynamic ad insertion (DAI) works its magic. The host-read ad is delivered when the podcast episode is downloaded. Ensuring the right listener hears the right message at exactly the right time. 

Plus, DAI allows you to enhance your buy with pixel based-attribution to track campaign performance in real-time and lift studies to evaluate post-campaign. 

More data and better tools mean smarter, more efficient, campaigns with less waste. Speak only to those listeners who matter most to your brand all while utilizing the influential power of the host.

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