Introducing The Podcast Buying Guide V3.0

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When it was time to begin working on the third edition of our annual buying guide, we decided to revisit the first version we released back in January of 2018. While not very long ago, it was immediately apparent how much has changed since then. 

Before the major press coverage of acquisitions and celebrity launches, before the wide adoption of ad tech and the improvements in metrics, the podcast industry was in a very different place. 

A fun trip down memory lane for sure, but it’s time to keep pushing forward. Version 3.0 of the Podcast Buying Guide represents the evolution of podcast advertising and the progress being made in finding the audience, mastering creative, and measuring results.

Here’s everything we’ll touch on

How to navigate the growing number of content choices and finding your audience with podcast rankers and research available to you.

Standing out by fitting into the podcast environment. We’ll share some best practices, plus a host read case study.

Driving results with attribution. How it works and how to harness its power featuring a Q&A with Podsights.

And finally, we’ll wrap it up with a start-to-finish strategy for making the most of your investment.

How to use the guide

This is meant to be a 30,000-foot view of your options as a buyer. Share with your new hires, your clients, or keep within arms reach for reference. 

There is much to unpack and things keep changing at a rapid pace, so if there is an area you would like to explore more, we’d be happy to help.

Stay tuned for more related content in the coming months, but you can download the full guide right now. REQUEST A COPY HERE.
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