Ad-spiration: Podcast Ads Inspire Action

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

What’s the goal your advertising campaign wants to achieve? It’s most likely to inspire some sort of action: download an app, make a purchase, or simply visit a website for more information. 

Podcast attribution is informing advertisers how their campaigns are performing. There is more evidence than ever that podcasts are helping brands hit KPIs that were not easily measured just a few years ago, like conversion rate or return on ad spend. 

Podsights Conversion Benchmark Report, released earlier this summer, studied the performance of hundreds of podcast campaigns. They recorded an average conversion rate of 1.13%, higher than most social media platforms, and an average return on ad spend of $2.42.

Looking specifically at the Podsights campaigns cabana has run with our advertisers, we saw conversion rates nearly 2 times higher than the average Podsights campaign for plans featuring both embedded and dynamically-inserted ads. 

We found that dynamically-inserted ads performed even better, with a conversion rate 2.3 times larger than average.

Both embedded and dynamically-inserted ads delivered 3 times higher return on ad spend. 

What’s the secret behind a converting campaign? The types of ads that perform the best are also ads that are best suited for the environment. 

Embedded ads baked into the content are typically host reads, while many DAI (dynamic ad insertion) campaigns are still using produced announcer spots or repurposed radio ads.

However,  nearly all (99%) of our ads are host-read, regardless of if they are baked-in or dynamically inserted. Ultimately, it’s how the ad sounds within the content that will dictate performance, not necessarily how it’s delivered.

For more best practices on compelling host-read campaigns, check out A Great Read

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