Want a more empathetic brand? Tap the podcast host.

Podcasts for more mindful marketing.

Photo by Dan Meyers on Unsplash

Host reads are by far the premium option for podcast advertisers, and they may also be a blessing for brands trying to navigate this tumultuous year.

Despite the overwhelming amount of anxiety and uncertainty 2020 has brought, advertisers quickly realized that not only was continuing their campaigns crucial, their creative also had to adapt. 

The podcast host-listener connection is making a safe space for brands who need to keep advertising but want to be more mindful of their messaging. Hosts take the responsibility they have to their listeners seriously and that includes picking sponsors that make sense for their particular audience. 

A few weeks back we hosted a virtual event where we spoke to Ashley Flowers, host of the popular true crime podcast, Crime Junkie. It wasn’t long ago, before she embarked on her podcast journey, that Ashley was in the listeners’ shoes. When it comes down to selecting advertisers to partner with, she wants to make sure her audience’s hard-earned money is spent wisely. 

This level of selectivity benefits both the listener and the brand. Listeners get to hear about relevant products and services, while brands can rest assured that they are speaking to their target customers. As Ilwira Marciszek, our VP of Digital Sales and Partnerships puts it:

“The podcaster might reach hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people with their voice, but to each listener, it’s really one-to-one.  These hosts are your best friends you’ve never met – and you trust them.”

Unlike other channels, podcasting’s one-to-one environment is particularly suited for not only building trust but conveying empathy as well. 

A Megaphone study compared the impact of podcast ads with standard brand messaging and ads with creative tailored for COVID. While half of the respondents didn’t want ads to sell to them, over 7-in-10 agreed that brand messaging should reflect current challenges. Changes in messaging have paid off in brand perception. Messaging with empathetic language was rated more sincere and trustworthy by listeners.

We always say it’s best practice to provide hosts with talking points versus hard and fast scripts. What better way to connect with this audience than through the podcast host? Making sure the talent hits key points, but allowing them to ultimately put the ad into their words, means the messaging will strike the right tone. After all, they understand how to be there and support their listeners.

With expectations set high for brands, is mindful advertising the future? Podcasting has not only demonstrated its resilience in recent months but has also proven its ability to genuinely connect with those who have otherwise tuned out.

Finding the right environment and the right fit doesn’t have to be a guessing game. Get in touch for more about capabilities that put the power of podcasting in your hands – deep audience data, dynamic insertion, and attribution will help you create winning podcast campaigns for your brand.
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