How the Podcast Listener is Living This Summer

New insights on this coveted audience

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Prediction: podcasting will be hot this summer. 

If you’re looking to make the most of where you place your ad budget this summer, podcasting is it.

Podcasting is becoming more accountable. Pixel-based attribution is giving advertisers powerful insight into their investment with real-time data on impressions, ROI, and sales.

Despite major disruptions in everyone’s lives, podcast listening has held its own and is on track to return to the path of growth it started on earlier this year. And with summer here, podcasts are the perfect companion for those grilling in their backyard, working on their homes, or trying to escape the crowds.

Then there are the listeners themselves. A coveted audience that’s harder to reach through other media channels, but very loyal to their favorite podcasts and the hosts. You have their attention, but only with the right messaging in the right environment. 

So what matters to podcast listeners right now? Looking at the latest release from The Nielsen Podcast Listener Buying Power Service, here’s what will resonate with them the most this season. 

Rethinking summer fun

Summer is looking very different this year. Whether they need to entertain the kids or themselves, podcast listeners will be looking to stay busy.

Podcast listeners who take part in outdoorsy activities such as hiking, camping, or playing tennis are more likely to purchase a product advertised on a podcast, as they are looking for products to pass the time and are more likely to purchase toys, games, and sporting goods online. Almost 70% of podcast listeners who listen every day are firing up their backyard grills too.

Looking at women listeners and the great outdoors, those who listen every day are 19% more likely to have gone hiking/backpacking as an activity. (Fun fact: women listeners who camp are more likely to listen to our true crime hit, Crime Junkie.)

Turning to services to help them stay safe (and at home) 

‘Adding to cart’ a lot more lately? So are podcast fans. Listeners spent an average of $1,185 on online purchases last year and that spend goes up to over $1,300 for those who listen to podcasts every day. They are 40% more likely to buy their groceries online to avoid having to go to the store.

Another online purchase they’re making – insurance. They over-index for buying all kinds of insurance plans online, including life, home, health, and auto. But there are still holdouts who may now be considering their options. Almost 20% don’t have an auto insurance policy, and nearly 4 in 10 don’t have homeowners or renters insurance. 

Focus on living (and working) spaces

There’s no better time to focus on making the home a more enjoyable place to live, work, and play. From taking on new DIY projects to sprucing up the home office, the podcast listener is finding that investing in their homes is money well spent. Podcast listeners are going online to purchase office supplies and furniture and home accessories.

We see this trend even as we drill down to specific podcast titles. One Extraordinary Marriage listeners are trying their hand at DIY. Over 50% are gardening and 3 in 10 have bought a home improvement-related item online. While over two-thirds of So Money listeners have bought lawn and garden products, they are also more likely to purchase a home appliance online.

If your brand speaks to how the podcast listener will be living this summer, we got you covered. With over 150 titles across popular genres such as true crime, female lifestyle, and history, there’s a captive audience that’s ready to hear what you have to say. 
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Source: Nielsen Podcast Listener Buying Power Service, Release 2 2019