How Working Moms Respond to Podcast Ads

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Think you know the typical podcast listener? Think again. They are anything but typical…they are in fact, extraordinary. In this series, we’ll dig deep into who’s really between those earbuds and what makes them a great audience for your messaging.

There’s no question that moms play an influential role in all of our lives. And for you brands out there, we know moms play an influential role in your marketing strategy. Busy mamas are primary household decision-makers but stretched thin, they are not easy to reach…let alone meaningfully engage with.

Enter podcasts. Mobile and eyes-free, podcasts fit nicely into the multi-tasking lives of moms. Those with children under 18 are gravitating towards the Kids & Family genre naturally, but they are also listening to True Crime, Business, and Entertainment podcasts.

They’re engaging with a variety of content that speaks to their interests – whether they are in need of a little escapism, looking to commiserate, or in search of advice. But are they responding at all to the ads in those podcasts?  

In honor of Mother’s Day, we wanted to explore how working moms in particular are engaging with podcasts and their sponsors. We looked at a brand study evaluating the effectiveness of a podcast sponsorship for a national CPG brand through an online panel. Here are the insights we wanted to share.

Driving purchase intent

Looking at working moms in two age demos, 25-39 and 35-60, the branded clips generated significant results across a number of key brand metrics including intent to purchase and intent to recommend.

Among working moms 25-39 exposed to the branded podcast ads, almost 8 in 10 said the product was something they would buy, and nearly 70% were likely to purchase.

The impact of ad exposure was even greater among working moms aged 35-60. Over 80% said the product was something they would buy, 76% were likely to purchase, and almost 7-in-10 would recommend the product to others. 

Strong ad recall

Among working moms aged 25-39 exposed to the branded podcast clips, more than half could recall the brand on an unaided basis, while over 80% of respondents were able to recall the featured brand on an aided basis. 

An even stronger result was found with working moms aged 35-60, with unaided recall improving to over 6-in-10. Again, aided recall hovered just above 80% for this group.

A good fit

The brand turned out to also be a good fit for the content. Close to 65% of working moms 25-39 agreed the brand aligned with the podcast content, while 7-in-10 moms 35-60 felt that the brand was a good fit. In addition to being viewed as a good fit, the content itself was well-received and the respondents described the podcast talent as ‘likeable,’ ‘credible,’ and ‘relatable.’

When looking at the host-read copy, there was a strong correlation between the key points that were hit on to what the respondents strongly reacted to. For both groups of working moms, ad exposure generated stronger agreement with the brand campaign’s key message points.

So what actions can brands take to make their campaigns shine? 
  • Don’t count out older demos. They’re paying attention too and may be the most receptive to your messaging.
  • What do you want audiences to take away the most? Share those key benefits with the host, but let them put into their own words.
  • Think outside of the box when it comes to genres. Great content and a compelling host is always a win.
From working moms to stay-at-home dads…whoever your target is we can help find the right environment and set your investment up for success. Get in touch for more info on our capabilities.
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Source: Nielsen Brand Lift Study of Podcast Listeners