Podcast Advertising Resolutions

New year, new lineup, and more ways to reach your campaign goals.

You’ve been hesitant to jump in not knowing where to start, or maybe you’ve tested it back in the day with little results. But after significant audience growth and bigger investments from advertisers in 2019, it’s clear that podcasting will continue on its rocketship-like trajectory. In their 2019 Global Ad Trends report, WARC predicts podcast ad spend will double to $1.6 billion by 2022.

If your brand isn’t being heard here, then you’re missing out as the competition gets ahead. 

From exclusive new titles to better attribution tools, it’s time to make 2020 the year that podcast advertising becomes an essential part of your marketing plan. We want to help make that happen, so here are podcast advertising resolutions for the new year and how any brand can stick to them. 

Resolution #1 – Target content that connects

The number of Apple podcasts in existence has reached an all-time high of 800,000. With so many options, great storytelling is going to win the hearts (and ears) of listeners. This year, we’re offering a dozen new titles featuring exceptional story-tellers.

In the coming year, we want to see more diverse content bringing in more diverse listeners. Critical Frequency is on it with its diverse community of hosts who are eager to share their stories with passionate listeners. Named Adweek’s 2019 Podcast Network of the Year, the female-owned and operated network takes a narrative approach to topics that matter – from climate change to motherhood. 

The true crime trend is not slowing down, and we can expect even more from this genre in 2020 as professional journalists and personal crusaders alike take their investigations to podcasting. Voices for Justice and Counterclock will rehash two different cold cases, hoping to bring new evidence to light and deliver justice for the victims and their families. As the cases unfold, there’s no telling where the story will go – keeping listeners on the edge of their seats. 

Resolution #2 – Find audiences who want to hear from your brand

Want to make smart content decisions in the new year? Nielsen’s Podcast Listeners Buying Power Survey gives brands access to thousands of data points that dig deep into the interests and spending habits of podcast listeners by genre. Context is everything to make a podcast ad resonate, and as a charter member, we can help you identify the best fit for your individual audience and messaging.

Now that you have a clear vision of who’s listening, let the podcast hosts sing the praises of your brand. Podcast hosts have become the ultimate influencer as their endorsement for that new product gets listeners to perk up, check out the website, and maybe even make a purchase. We’re welcoming more personalities to our lineup, including some new voices from idobi Radio – from alt music tastemaker Mike Gunz of The Gunz Show to Simple Plan’s Sebastien Lefebvre of Man of the Hour.

Resolution #3 – Confirm that your campaign is working

Advertisers have asked for it, and it’s finally here. Not too long ago, the success of a podcast campaign was limited to promo codes. Attribution tools are now giving once podcast-shy marketers the power to track conversion rates and effectively measure success. 

If attribution is a top priority for your brand, podcast campaigns dynamically served via Megaphone have access to partners for impression verification and attribution including Chartable, Podsights, and Barometric. Megaphone is also IABv2 compliant using the strictest 24-hour measurement window, so the impressions you’re sold are the impressions you get.

Don’t just make it happen, make those plans succeed with the right content, the right audiences, and the right tools to get results. cabana specializes in matching brands with podcasters across targeted content environments. cabana’s exclusive sales partnerships include audiochuck’s Crime Junkie, content from Inc Magazine, The New York Post, Bald Move, and more. Get in touch for more details on our partner podcasts and capabilities.
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