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New podcast titles that are getting content right.

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There are plenty of ways to get someone to check out a new podcast. Maybe the cover art is eye-catching. Maybe it’s the host. Maybe it’s on a hot topic. But what does it take to get a listener to really fall hard for a podcast? What keeps them coming back week after week? 

Whatever the hook, holding the attention of audiences in a content-overload world is the trick. Podcasts have an advantage over other media. They’re portable and fit into the moments in our day when staring at a screen isn’t necessarily convenient. Most listening takes place on smartphones, but the listener may be doing chores, commuting, or at the gym. Podcasts are also not tied to one single platform or app. Listeners are seeking out great content in new ways and discovering new shows on YouTube and on social. 

Still, there are 750,000 podcasts out there so content is king. That’s why we’re excited about the slate of recently-released shows we’re working with that feature high-quality content. From shedding new light on old stories, breaking down complex institutions, or using their platform to get creative – these shows nail it.

Local focus, global appeal

This science podcast unfolds more like a true crime drama. A mysterious killer on the loose. Frustrated families looking for answers. Shady characters taking advantage of victims’ pain. Lyme disease is no stranger to media attention. It’s been covered on TV and in countless articles, but Patient Zero manages to put a new spin on the story of a decades-old illness. The new investigation from New Hampshire Public Radio takes a mystery that started in a small town in Connecticut and examines the growing epidemic in the context of our changing society and environment. Audiences will take away a lot from this heavily researched, but also wildly entertaining series.

Meanwhile, down the east coast, a murder trial begins in Atlanta. Breakdown, from the historic newsroom at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, returns for their seventh season with coverage of the deadly police shooting of Afghanistan war veteran Anthony Hill. With the Black Lives Matter movement and an intense national spotlight on police shootings, the implications of this case are far-reaching. Breakdown will go beyond just reporting on the case facts, going deep into the inner workings of our fragile justice system. 

A cultural icon with a new look

Call it a guilty pleasure, but there is something fascinating about the lives celebrities live. For decades, Page Six has given readers a glimpse into the glamorous and sometimes scandalous lives of the rich and famous. The authority on celebrity culture and gossip has become a part of pop culture and will now entertain audiences in a new way – as a weekly podcast. Hosted by Deputy Editor Ian Mohr and Editorial Director Maggie Coughlan, We Hear will break new stories, revisit classic gossip, and feature surprise guests. Just like Page Six itself, anything goes.

Giving loyal fans a special treat

In less than 2 years, Crime Junkie has grown to 22 million monthly downloads, built a social following in the hundreds of thousands, hit number 1 on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, and launched a sell-out live tour and merch line. Host Ashley Flowers has no intention of slowing down as the Crime Junkie brand heads into new territory – fictional audio drama. Just in time for Halloween comes Full. Body. Chills. (titled after the catchphrase all CJ fans know and love). Over 14 days and 14 episodes, Ashley will give fans – and new listeners- a treat as she breaks away from the usual true crime format.

Their audiences are listening, will your brand catch their attention too? In addition to finding the right audience and host fit, the quality of the content environment should be equally important for campaign success. If you’re looking to partner with content that sounds great and delivers what audiences want, then look no further. cabana has your exclusive access to these great titles and more. 

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