2019 Podcast Movement Primer

Keep your eye on the prize at #PM19.


Photo by Jaime Lopes on Unsplash

Podcast Movement is only a few weeks away. Can you believe?

2019 is shaping out to be a very eventful year for podcasting. There will be plenty to talk about this year in Orlando — Spotify vs. Apple, subscription models, the steady growth in listeners, and increasing interest from national advertisers. While everyone will be buzzing about the big issues, this is also a time to learn from your fellow podcasters and take your craft to the next level.

Taking things to the next level means learning how to successfully navigate the road ahead. After all, podcasting is blossoming into a major business. With that, the pressure is on to keep your podcast sounding fresh, nurture your growing audience, and of course, get those coveted sponsorships.

Building those successful sponsor partnerships — the ones that turn into consistent revenue — takes strategy and experience. The monetization track was created to empower podcasters with new knowledge and hit common monetization pain points.

There’s more to it than learning how to deliver great reads. It’s better understanding the tools at your disposal like dynamic insertion. It’s breaking down the motivations behind the new wave of advertisers coming into the medium. This year’s panels and breakout sessions will dig into how monetization is changing. If attracting sponsors involves making your show as attractive as possible, there are sessions on leveraging your show’s data and turning your podcast into a valuable business asset.

Don’t forget to schedule some time for networking. You never know when you’ll come across mutually beneficial opportunities to cross-promote, which will help you grow your audience. And since we all know that gaining listeners can help you attract more sponsors, chatting it up with your peers is a must. Hate networking? We have more tips for you here.

Are you in it to win it? If making more money from your podcast has been on your brain, these sessions should be added to your itinerary ASAP.

Tuesday, August 13th

Badge Pickup + Networking Event | 3–7 PM
Getting to Orlando early has its advantages. Join team cabana for music and casual conversation with fellow podcasters to ease into the week ahead.

Wednesday, August 14th

The Evolution of Podcast Advertising | 9–9:45 AM
Kickoff the conference with an open discussion on all the ways podcast ads are changing and all the ways podcasters can reap the benefits.

How To Use Data To Monetize Your Podcast | 11:30 AM — 12:15 PM
Data is currency these days. In this session, find out how data can be your BFF in conveying value for your show.

Thursday, August 15th

Podcast Ad Revenues Are Revving Up | 9–9:45 AM
A deeper dive into the IAB/PwC Podcast Ad Revenue Study. What’s making advertisers invest? What ad categories are investing? Find out here.

Elevate Your Podcast Strategy | 11:30 AM — 12:15 PM
In this breakout session get schooled on new research, tools, and case studies to level up your sponsorship game.

Friday, August 16th

Podcasting Basics 2 — The Business Side | 10–10:45 AM
The road to making a living off your podcast is a long one, just take it from someone who’s been on that journey. Aaron Mahnke shares his wisdom.

Plus, there are the unofficial meetups happening all week. Find your people, or host your own!

We hope to see you next month! If making more money from doing what you love is at the top of your list, make sure to say hi. You can still register here.

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