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Harness the Power, Part 4: Podcast Buying Guide 2.0


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The Podcast Ad Revenue Study from the IAB pointed to an upswing in podcast ads delivered via dynamic insertion, increasing from 42% in 2017 to almost 50% in 2018. We mentioned before that dynamic insertion (or DI for short) uses technology to place an ad in a podcast, instead of the ad being edited into the episode. When done right, the ad can sound just as natural as one that has been baked into the content.

The road to DI

So how did this technology catch on? The baked in read is the OG of podcast ads. The host gets your copy or talking points and when they record an episode, your ad gets recorded along with it in the content. That ad will be heard in that episode forever, by everyone who hears that episode, until it’s manually removed. Of course, this method worked for direct response in particular in the past. But it shut out marketers who needed more. More flexibility to promote different product lines. More capabilities to keep copy fresh. More targeting by timing and location. DI is meeting those needs.

How it works

A scripted :30, an ad-libbed personal endorsement, or a custom branded segment — any form of audio can be dynamically inserted. The possibilities are there for the advertisers who need it. Most importantly though, brands who frequently need to swap copy or need specific targeting can still take advantage of the ever-effective host read with DI.

The ads are sent to the ad server with the necessary campaign parameters (flight dates, geotargeting, etc). When a podcast episode is requested by the player the server looks for the right ad to serve based on those parameters. The ad is inserted into the mp3 file and gets sent back to the player for the listener to enjoy.

A listener in Canada won’t hear the ad for a product only available in the U.S. A listener won’t hear the same ad over and over again as they binge a series. A subscriber may hear different versions of a brand’s message from week to week. The advertiser gets more value by addressing the right audience and avoids ad fatigue, while the listener gets a more customized experience. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Who it works for

You have options and there is no one-size-fits-all solution for every podcast campaign. Which delivery method is right for your next campaign? We can help point you in the right direction.

We love a happy ending, so in our final installment, we’ll share some brand success stories.

This is part four of our five-part series.

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