Podcasts for the Long Weekend

What we’re listening to on the road, at the pool, or chilling in the AC when it’s too damn hot.

Welcome back summer, we missed you. This 3-day weekend we can now officially start looking forward to warmer weather and more opportunities to catch up on our podcast to-do lists. There’s so much great content out there, but we think the next few months is the perfect time to learn something new, laugh, or simply indulge in a guilty pleasure. So charge up those AirPods; here are 5 podcasts that should be on your radar this summer.



Not all true crime ends in murder. Swindled examines true tales of Ponzi schemes, cons, white-collar crimes, and other business-minded misdeeds. In each episode, your host ‘Annonymous’ unravels a new story of corporate greed.

Why listeners love it: Excellent research, immersive storytelling, and great production value, all wrapped up in a little bit of mystery, Swindled has fans hooked. It’s no wonder it’s been recognized as a top True Crime podcast by NY Mag, Vulture, The Guardian, INSIDER, and DiscoverPods.

Why advertisers will love it: The anonymous vibe and tongue-in-cheek branding is an opportunity for brands to capitalize on the unique tone of the show and have fun with their messaging.

The first two seasons are available now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and SwindledPodcast.com.

Bald Move

A. Ron, Jim, and Cecily make up the Bald Move team, generating hundreds of hours of video, audio, and gaming content each year. They deliver recaps and commentary on trending TV series and the latest movie releases. Game of Thrones may be over, but they’re more binge-worthy TV shows and summer blockbusters to look forward to.

Why listeners love it: It’s by fans for fans. The community has come to trust the Bald Move team for fan-first, totally honest commentary on their favorite TV shows and movies.

Why advertisers will love it: Break through to heavy media consumers who may also happen to be ad blockers or cord cutters.

For all their podcasts, check out BaldMove.com.

Outside/In from NHPR

Each half-hour episode of New Hampshire Public Radio’s Outside/In casts a wide net across the environmental spectrum — from the floral industry and storm chasers to the perils of mushroom hunting and the mystique of spring water. Sam Evans-Brown and company may just inspire you to explore the great outdoors more this summer.

Why listeners love it: Interesting, unexpected topics appeal to anyone curious about the natural world, the knowledgeable and passionate team keeps them coming back for more.

Why advertisers will love it: A quality journalistic environment reminiscent of This American Life, Reply All and a high brow audience that skews male 25–44.

Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and OutsideInRadio.org.

Completely Unnecessary Podcast

Nerd out with Pat Contri and Ian Ferguson as they chat about the latest video game news, movies, and pop culture — they even take Q&A from fans.

Why listeners love it: It’s where fans can share in their passion for obscure games, comics, and everything nerd culture. Pat has built a niche for himself as a lover of retro games, and in turn, acquired a loyal following of fellow gamers (see his YouTube following of 200K+).

Why advertisers will love it: Your (very relatable) host Pat can get through to the elusive Millennial male. 94% of listeners say they listen for the host, and 71% are likely to buy a product endorsed by the host (cabana custom survey).

Listen on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Let There Be Talk with Dean Delray

What’s more summer than rock & roll, motorcycles, and some good laughs with friends? Comedian Dean Delray has been at this podcasting game for a while, interviewing everyone from actors to rock legends and fellow comedians along the way.

Why listeners love it: Great conversations with current favorites and blasts from the past. Dean’s guests come from all different backgrounds. 400+ episodes later and each one feels fresh and engaging.

Why advertisers will love it: A high profile guest list (Henry Rollins, Bill Burr, Nikki Sixx, and Dan Soder to name a few) and personal endorsements from the very funny, and always authentic Dean Delray.

Listen on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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