DI Ad Roadmap

How to make the most of dynamically-inserted podcast ads.


Photo by Andreas Selter on Unsplash

This is a PSA: DI ads do not need to suck!

DI, short for dynamic insertion, is the ad tech that has opened doors for many brands just dipping their toes into the proverbial podcast waters. Rather than being “baked in” an episode (where the audio lives forever and ever, amen), ads are automatically inserted based on predetermined parameters, allowing for nimble campaign messaging and on-the-fly creative swaps. It’s revolutionary and has transformed monetization.

With DI the possibilities are endless. You can run a pre-recorded “brought to you by”, or run your own creative if that’s what you prefer (we’ve got some tips on how to make your ads “podcast first”). But what you may not know is that these ads can be host-read. When used wisely, DI ads voiced by the host sound indistinguishable from live, baked in reads. We’ve laid out how to take advantage of all that dynamic insertion offers, and make the most of the super intimate podcast environment.

  • #goals

    We all got ’em, but we want to put your (brand) goals first. Tell us what your campaign objective is. Are you introducing a new product? Educating the audience about a new benefit? In addition to your overarching goal, tell us who you want to reach and when you want to reach them. Currently, DI allows brands to target geolocations like city, state, and DMA as well as specific dates and of course, shows.

  • Talk it out

    Time to get those talking points in order. Scripts are ok, but talking points are best. Why? When the host is able to put your messaging into their own words, the read is more authentic and naturally flows with the content. This also gives the host room to make the ad feel very personal if they have a connection with the product or an anecdote to share. One more thing. If there is anything you want to host to steer clear of, make sure to include points to avoid.

  • Studio time

    You bought the show, so now you get access to the host’s personality and influence. The host will record the ad read separately. They can even record multiple versions to ensure all your key points are covered and to keep the copy from getting stale.

  • Let the magic happen

    The recorded read(s) are uploaded into a platform like Megaphone and scheduled based on your budget, desired geolocations, flight dates, and delivery requirements. Each ad is served to an individual listener based on those pre-determined parameters.

  • Something not quite right?

    We know things happen, so let’s fix it. DI gives brands greater flexibility to optimize their campaigns. If messaging needs to be refreshed, or a call to action (CTA) needs to change, we can easily and seamlessly swap out reads to make sure exactly what you want to say is exactly what the listener hears.

Now you know the way to better DI, here’s a sample roadmap for using DI to your advantage during your next campaign.

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