Stop Junk Podcast Ads

Monetization Doesn’t Mean Sacrificing the Audience Experience


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Here’s a fact: podcast ads are widely reported to be more effective and more accepted. That’s what makes podcast advertising work so well — it’s native messaging at its very best. But as more advertisers enter podcast territory, we must tread carefully.

To allow for sustainable investment in the medium is to ensure the continued success of podcast ads. While it may be enticing to accept any ‘ol advertiser for a quick buck, all it takes is one junk ad to alter the tone of your show or even worse, put a bad taste in your audiences’ mouth.

Of course, every podcast is unique and you need to be your own judge for striking the right balance. To get you started, here are some best practices for monetizing while keeping your audience happy.

Know Thy Audience

First things, first: find the right fit for your audience. Chances are if you are obsessing over a particular brand or can’t live without so-and-so’s products, your audience will be more than willing to hear out what they have to offer them. And remember it is ultimately about them — your audience. If you get an offer for a sponsor and you can’t think of one reason why it would make sense for your listeners — then it’s ok to turn them down.

Think About Context

Even if you land the perfect sponsor, pay attention to their ad copy and how it may sound in the context of your show. If you’re usually all business and like to stick to the facts — humorous ad copy may not play well. At the same time, if you’re tight with your fans, put a personal spin on the copy. There’s no such thing as TMI here.

Be the Host with the Most

Ad tech like dynamic-insertion has opened the door for more traditional brands to test the podcast space. We’re big proponents of it because it allows for better targeting and copy changes on the fly. But don’t ignore the power of your voice. While it may be easy to accept a pre-recorded announcer spot or recycled radio ads, they will never fit as seamlessly or sound as good as an ad voiced by you.

Timing is Everything

Offering mid-roll positions? Use predetermined breaks to insert reads, and include transitions so your sound is seamless. Keep the length of your episodes in mind by deciding the max number of sponsors you’ll allow in each episode in advance. This will keep your listeners tuned in and engaged with your podcast.

Think Outside the Box

With any emerging marketing platform, breaking from tradition is not only okay — it’s encouraged. The rules around podcast integrations are still being written so get creative with sponsorships. Create custom segments, align advertisers with special episodes, invite the company founder on your show, incorporate your other platforms — in other words, have fun with it!

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