A Great Read

Tips for crafting the ads podcast hosts want to read and listeners want to hear

Photo by BRUNO CERVERA on Unsplash

It’s tough out there, advertisers. In a world where being authentic is everything, you’re up against fake clicks, bots, and social algorithms. On top of that, there’s a growing population of consumers that are taking control of the messaging they are exposed to. Slipping out of reach from traditional commercials and banners ads, 69% of podcast listeners have cut the cord on cable TV while 28% use ad blockers (Acast Audio Intelligence Report, 2018).

There’s one place in particular where you can still talk to actual humans while sounding human, in a brand-safe, opt-in environment: podcasts. Despite being increasingly unreachable, podcast listeners want to hear about the products promoted by their favorite podcast hosts. In fact, 78% don’t mind the ads because they know sponsors support the podcast (Nielsen Digital Media Lab, 2017).

Not only are they receptive to brand messaging heard on podcasts, listeners are motivated to take action. In a cabana listener survey, 74% of listeners are likely to purchase a product from their favorite host.

The podcast host-listener relationship is a sacred one. Listeners have carefully selected the content they want to interact with, in an environment that’s extremely intimate. The host has taken the time and dedication to create the right content to educate/entertain/inform the listener. The good news is, if you play your cards right, they might just let you in.

The best podcast ads work because they fit seamlessly into the content. Podcast hosts are picky — they know their audience best. If they want you to sponsor their podcast, there’s a good chance they like your product and an even better chance that their listeners will love it.

Host reads are powerful, so make the most of them. Time to brush up on the building blocks that make a good ad GREAT. Here’s what to keep in mind before submitting copy for a podcast host read:

Don’t worry, we got you! Team cabana is here to help every step of the way — from picking the perfect environment to transparent reporting. For more on maximizing your podcast buy, check out our podcast buying guide.
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